Experience the art of connection 

Welcome! Our learning concept is developed by experienced teachers and it's simply turns you into a better version. Our main programs are for those in need to explore their skills and break their limits.

Are you just curious or in mood for trying finearts, go ahead and register to one of our programs. We guarantee you a thrilling experience. 

We collaborate with professionals with top references from all over the world and bring them in the heart of Norway. 

Our main activities are

• Piano and singing coaching

• Body and health achievement programs

• Dance courses for children and adults

- Intensive Dance Studies

- Events

You can book us for:

• Directing/managing/organising musical or dance productions, shows and events of any proportion

• Cultural management and artistic impresario activities

We welcome you into our studio that provides you with a first class team who would love to meet you.

Fairyland - Andreea Terescenco

6977 Bygstad, Norway


For Kids, For Teens, For Adults


Our specialty: classic piano, pop singing


...of any kind and any proportions